russianvisaDear friends — most of you will find «a tourist visa» more practical rather than  «a guest visa» (for which you need a bunch of documents,  which are not always easy to collect, it is also sometimes difficult to make sure that these documents correspond to what the consulate wants to see).  Obtaining a tourist visa will require you to bring to the embassy a piece of paper called «a tourist voucher.»   The voucher is issued by most first-class Moscow hotels (the one closest to the venue will be Korston Club Hotel) once you confirm your reservation.

We also have an agreement with the travel agency that authorized by Russian foreign ministry’s to issue travel vouchers for Russian tourist visa. Our agreement is that they will charge 700 Russian Rubles (it is approximately 10$) including 5% banking fee, for both the tourist voucher and the letter of confirmation. This price is 2-3 times less than the market price in Moscow.

Step by step guide getting the tourist voucher:

Step 1

Please send the following information to our e-mail: your visa coordinator is Katy

—      copy of your passport

—      dates of entry and exit to Russia

Step 2

Make payment to the PayPal account

Step 3

When the payment went through we will send you a scan copy of  tourist voucher and the letter of confirmation

Please if you have any questions regarding visa do not hesitate to contact your visa coordinator Katy


Please take a note that you can apply for the Russian tourist visa at the Russian embassy or a consulate closest to where you reside not earlier than 3 month before your visit, it means that your approximate time for getting started with visa is in May.

Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions.