Dear Friends!!!

You must already know that on the 4th, 5th and 6th of august 2017 the most long-awaited event will be taking place in Moscow – the 2nd  NA-RZF Convention. The slogan of the convention is «We Have a Lot To Share». We would like for each NA member to have a possibility to share personal experience of recovery, to introduce a home group, to bring the experience of their area and to tell about their region.

We are introducing Descent 2017!

What is a Descent?

A Descent is any organized group of NA members, who came together to represent their:

  • • home group
  • • area
  • • region

You may bring together one joint Decent or several separate Descents: represent your home group and your region, or may be represent your area and your region, or simply represent your home group as Descent.

How to make your Descent stand out at the Convention?

Descent is always easily noticeable and stands out. In order to achieve it we recommend making a special Descent uniform!

These may be t-shirts, hats, flags, badges, bracelets or any other symbolic items.

The uniform is what will show your belonging to one of the Descents and will make your Descent stand out at the Convention.

Along with the recognition you will have the opportunity to:

  • • participate in the alternative sales of your groups, area, region
  • • take part in a real Fashion Show at the Convention

How to represent  your Descent at the Convention:

SITTING ZONE – we will offer your Descent joint seating at the convention. You could sit together with all your Descent members.

HOME GROUP FORUM – we offer an opportunity to present your home group at the convention, for everyone to know. You could hold a meeting in the format your group has, the way you hold meetings in your home town. The meeting will be entered to the Convention time table.

VIDEO – we will show the video you make about your group, area or region of your Descent at the Convention. Show us how unique you are!

SPORT EVENTS – we will include your Descent to the sport events held at the Convention – relay. Volleyball and Soccer. Come join and support!

What do I do to participate?

  1. Set up your Descent
  2. Choose the events your Descent wants to take part in (it could be all or just one of them)
  3. Send an application
  4. Come to the Convention


  1. Fill out the application form (attached)
  2. Send it to our email –

Our PR Office  –